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Build your own Server

Five reasons to buy refurbished

Published 8th April 2019 by Fiona Wilby

We get really excited when we talk about the opportunities that buying refurbished kit can offer. And why wouldn’t we?

Buying refurbished can:

  • Save costs
  • Stretch yours and your customers budgets
  • Allow for flexibility for upgrades
  • Save time with speedy lead times and delivery
  • Help the environment
  • Extend the life of the existing infrastructure


Example of a refurbished Cisco UC Phone securely packaged that we recently supplied.

Let’s discuss the five main reasons why you may want to buy refurbished products, as opposed to brand new, to help stretch your customer’s budgets.


Buying refurbished can save your customer money, meaning they can fit much more into their budget. You may have initially only been able to buy a server, but with the extra room provided in the budget by buying refurbished you can now identify other areas of your customers infrastructure that needs work, such as networking or backup storage. Maybe an older server could be upgraded with spare parts to utilize what they already have?

Why limit yourself to distribution pricing and limited configurations? You can tell us exactly what you want in each server and we will spec, price, configure, test and ship the complete server to you, for a fraction of the cost of a new factory configured model.


When people think of refurbished, they can sometimes be disheartened by the idea that the unit won’t be shiny and new. But did you know that refurbished models are graded? We only deal with Grade A refurbished and tested, meaning there may be some minor cosmetic damages but generally the product is of a very good quality.

Our warehouse ships the products in sturdy recycled packaging and we make sure they are as secure as possible, so whether it is going down the road or shipping internationally, your order will be as safe as it can be in transit.


Examples of packaging for refurbished goods.

If the model you want is available OEM Remanufactured, you will be able to make significant savings while buying a product that is like new, in OEM packaging, with OEM warranties. It is a great opportunity to buy like-new products with up to an 80% discount, so If this is something you are interested in, feel free to ask us to see what is available.


One of the best things about buying refurbished is that even a fully configured and tested server is usually ready to ship between 2-3 days after you send your PO, with many refurbished parts ready to ship next day.


With newer servers, you can be waiting weeks to get certain upgrades and spare parts. With refurbished models, you can get spare parts, upgrades and replacements within 1-3 days, meaning your projects can be completed faster and it leaves more time for important tasks. Refurbished spares are also available at a fraction of the cost at which new spare parts are.

We also offer a minimum 90-day RTB warranty, so if you are not happy or something goes wrong, we will replace the part quickly and hassle free, quite often without a re-stocking fee. Returns with new purchases can be much more complicated, take a much longer time to get approved, and come with larger restocking fees.


Products are remanufactured to ‘like new’ by OEM or remanufactured in house, which allows suppliers to reuse and rebuild. Reusing refurbished IT hardware is a great way to reduce your customers carbon footprint and waste less. Buying refurbished will help you and your customers do your bit to lower consumption.

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