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What real differences are between the new Gen9 of the HP ProLiant servers and previous generations?

Differences between HP ProLiant Gen9 and previous generations

Category: IT Hardware Updates - Published on: 14 October 2015 - Author: Esther Bascon

The HP ProLiant Gen9 servers deliver the right compute for the right workload at the right economics every single time. The Generation9 lead you to power the next wave of transformation, which brings faster insight, new paths to revenue, smarter economics and increased productivity.

HP ProLiant Gen9 servers have been recognised for its innovation, quality and services delivered. HP ProLiant Gen9 servers deliver the right balance of performance, reliability, storage, efficiency and manageability in a new dense and compact chassis in order to meet all the kind of customers’ needs and a wide range of workloads.

In fact, HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers turn out to be a cheap option since Microsoft Windows Storage Spaces started being supported by HP ProLiant Gen9 servers, which enables a cost-effective, scalable, highly available and flexible storage solution with virtualization capabilities.

HP ProLiant Gen9 servers, controllers and JBODS are certified and qualified solutions that allow customers to use a variety of software defined storage solutions like the Microsoft Storage Spaces. The HP solution has been designed to improve and maximise performance, data availability and storage capacity, in the meantime it also increases storage efficiencies and simplifies management.

Another new feature these servers have is the “Quick Reference label”. All HP ProLiant Gen9 servers are equipped with a label that is scanned by any electronic devices, which provides you a direct link to the following valuable information: setup and installation, maintenance and service, spare parts, troubleshooting, Quickspecs and the iLO Mobile App.

Those are all the features that distinguish the best generation of HP so far. To discover more about what they provide, you can have a quick look at this video of the HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9, which is our best-selling server of this generation:

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