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What is Cisco Refresh?

  Published 5th May 2017, updated January 2020. 

Cisco Refresh is not just about purchasing remanufactured equipment; it’s an entirely new and cost effective way of leveraging Cisco products.

Cisco Refresh products are fully re-manufactured by Cisco. That means when you receive your equipment it is Cisco Certified. Cisco Refresh products also include accessories as you would expect from any Cisco Certified product. That gives you peace of mind as Cisco ensures that all critical engineering upgrades are carried out and offer the same warranty as new. Also, all Cisco Refresh products are SmartNet eligible. Cisco Refresh carries over 4000 products and are bringing more in each week.
These items don’t just consist of older, end of sale products; Cisco Refresh also carries current, latest generation products across all technology areas.

Cisco Refresh Quality Standards
Cisco employs the industry’s most comprehensive and proprietary manufacturing process. From initial inspection and testing to cleaning and packing only Cisco, the original manufacturer, can truly remanufacture to the same level that they do. 

A Smart Alternative for Buying Cisco Products -  Join the Circular Economy with Cisco Refresh
The circular economy is an alternative approach to doing business that keeps resources in use for as long as possible and maximizes their value. Once their service life ends, products and materials are recovered, regenerated and resold. Here’s how it works: (Image


Leveraging the circular economy, Cisco Refresh products are sourced from Cisco’s reversed logistics. You’ll get the quality products you expect with a fully sustainable low carbon footprint. It’s just one way Cisco are committed to minimizing their environmental impact while helping you do the same.

Whether you are designing, implementing or maintaining IT infrastructure for your business, be sure you evaluate all options available to maximize performance, reduce overall cost and expand budget while protecting critical network operations. Consider a solution including Cisco Refresh for the best and most cost effective benefits of quality, performance and value.

by Fiona Wilby
Sales/Marketing Executive
Ware247 Ltd
+44 (0)113 88 00 858



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