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Build Your Own Server

Build your own Server

10 reasons why you need to buy a server

10 reasons why you need to buy a server

You don’t necessarily need to own a big business to have a server. Nowadays there are different kinds of servers for different kinds of business.

 Category: IT Hardware Trends - Published on: 11 August 2015 - Author: Esther Bascon

1.- Your business will be more secure, safe and efficient.
Most of your employees want to access the same data. Don’t you think it will be safer and faster to enable the same access for everyone?
Other than that, having a server provides your business with the ability to do simple back-ups, plan for disaster recovery and centralise your IT management.

2.- Servers share all you want to share
Owing to its easy file-sharing and remote access, servers enable you to share all your data, programs and applications from a central location rather than a number of isolated PCs. Servers are always accessed through your network.

3.- You no longer depend on a single personal computer
Once you own a server there is no need to log into information on a single personal computer, which saves you time and provides more security.

4.- Servers allow businesses to centralise their IT management
Once you are able to keep your IT management centralised you can control who has access to which documents, so you determine who does and doesn’t have access to files on your network. Besides you can centre your monitor software and antivirus.

5.- Your data is saved automatically
Servers allow all your company’s data to be backed up automatically, which makes your work safer.

6.- Accessible data from anywhere
It is no longer necessary to have to be at work to access all the data, when having a server you can decide who can access the data and from where. This gives you freedom to work flexibly, help your staff to be more productive and get better work results.

7.- Saves you money
A server always cuts a number of running costs in a small business. The fact of having a single and centralised access point for data and information lets you get the correct information quicker and saves you time and resources.

8.- Work on the move
A server provides a calendaring application and other features that work as a communication bridge to get access to key information. Thanks to these features, a server always keeps you updated about everything you need to be aware of.

9.- Better team collaboration
A centralized file server supports team collaboration, so a server enables you and your employees to be more productive and efficient whether inside or out of the office.

10.- Make e-mail much easier
These days your employees can access their e-mail from the road. These server-managed e-mail accounts are easier to use for remote employees.

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