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Why buy from an Authorised Cisco Partner?      

   Published 5th May 2017

Here at Ware247, we understand the needs of our customers, especially when it comes to obtaining quality products at a reasonable price. However, the risk to businesses buying products at very low prices is huge. Products may be counterfeit or stolen and may NOT be eligible for Cisco license, warranty or support.  It’s not worth the risk to your business and as a Cisco partner, Ware247 Ltd want to help protect you from these dangers.

Why buy from the Authorised Cisco Channel?                

As a customer, if you buy equipment through Cisco Authorised Channel Partners, you are entitled to Cisco service support, upgrades, replacement guarantees, a valid software license, and a full warranty.
Cisco Channel Partners are under a contractual obligation to purchase Cisco products from Cisco or another Cisco Partner. Buying from a Cisco Authorised Partner ensures that the product you buy is genuine and Cisco original.

What are the risks of buying from a Non-Authorised Reseller?

  • The purchase of counterfeit products breaches Cisco intellectual property rights and is therefore illegal.
  • Cisco cannot guarantee the quality and performance of unauthorised Cisco products.
  • You may be supplied with a counterfeit Cisco product.
  • Counterfeit products are not only illegal but they also may cause serious damage to your and/your customers’ company network.
  • You may not be automatically eligible for Cisco support.
  • You may not have a valid software license or a full Cisco warranty. Counterfeit Products & Third Party Components 3 Counterfeit products can be hardware, software, or documentation where Cisco’s logo and/or other intellectual property have been used without Cisco’s consent.
  • Counterfeit products often contain components that have been tampered with and illegal software.
  • Third-party components are typically memory, cables, or gigabit interface converters manufactured by a company other than Cisco and without Cisco’s consent.

by Fiona Wilby
Sales/Marketing Executive
Ware247 Ltd
+44 (0)113 88 00 858



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