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Resource Bank

Welcome to the Ware247 resource bank. Here you will find a number of helpful guides, articles, videos and tutorials. If there is anything you would like to see in this section, please let us know.

400GbE Hits the Mainstream With Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z9432F-On 
Dell Technologies latest Z-series 400GbE family of switches will get you the throughput and performance you need in the data center. 
Remanufactured Options for IT Hardware to help extend your budgets 
Remanufacturing products has become an essential part of the circular economy, find out what options you have for certain products and other ways to save money here. 

The Benefits of Finance Leasing

Finance leasing has many benefits, find out here how it can support your or your customers projects. 
Third Party Maintenance - Why do our customers love it?
What is third party maintenance, why do our customers love it and more importantly, how can it help your business?
Understanding HPE Drive Part Numbers for Replacements
What do HPE drive numbers mean and how can you make sure you order an exact replacement?

Intel’s CPU shortage: Latest news and how we can help you

Intel has faced issues with their CPU production since September 2018. How can we help you with your supply to customers?

   End of Service Life Dates for December 2019
 Click here for some important End of Service Life Dates from major manufacturers from December 2019 
Microsoft Server 2019 Downgrade Rights
With Microsoft Server 2016 licensing phasing out in favour of Server 2019, we are often asked if it is possible to downgrade 2019 to the required version. The answer is yes, and here is a handy guide so you can see exactly what is and isn't possible.
Introducing WareCare
Our hardware support has a new name – WareCare. With an easy to access portal for all your maintenance needs, looking after your hardware with us just got easier. 
HPE Storage News and Updates November 2019
Find out the latest innovations and developments within HPE's storage portfolio. 

New Oracle Java licencing rules – what do I need to know?

In 2018 Oracle announced changes to the way that Java Standard Edition (SE) was going to be licenced. Read more about how this might affect you. 
  LTO8 media now available 
Tape is still a popular choice for archiving and storage. Find out why here.
Dell PowerEdge R640
Meet The Cyber-Resilient, Cloud-Ready Server
Five reasons to buy refurbished
We get really excited when we talk about the opportunities that buying refurbished kit can offer. And why wouldn’t we? Here's five top reasons!
10 Reasons Why Over 1000 Resellers Buy From Ware247

You only need one good reason to buy from an established supplier - here's ten!

New Storage Products Coming Soon From HPE
With the recent acquisition of Nimble – HPE’s storage portfolio is growing. 

Improved Navigation on our Ware247 Site

We have listened to your feedback and made the following changes to our site


Why buy from Ware247?

Our top 6 reasons why we think we can help you, what do you think?


HP ROK Kit for Windows Server 2012

Details of the HP ROK Kits for Windows Server 2012, including a comparison of the different versions available.


Oracle M10 vs M8000

A comparison case study of Oracle's M10 versus an older M8000, demonstrating the cost savings that can be made by updating

to the newer server, whilst also seeing a huge performance boost.


HP Blade Basics

HP BladeSystem with HP OneView delivers a whole new experience for IT with the Power of One—

one infrastructure, one management platform to speed the delivery of services.

Only the Power of One delivers leading infrastructure convergence, availability with federation, and agility through data center automation.


10 Reasons Why SSDs Are Better Than Mechanical Disks

What if disks didn't spin? What if there were a way to create rewriteable storage in such a way that there were no platters, no spindles and no heads?


What is BYOD and why is it important?

It's part of a growing trend dubbed Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which encompasses similar Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT),

Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) and Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) initiatives.


Oracle SPARC servers are defined by its extreme performance, availability and value

Oracle SPARC servers are recognised to be one of the world’s fastest database servers due to the record

performance they reach for a wide range of enterprise applications, massive near-linear scalability and unmatched investment protection.


IT Hardware trends - 10 reasons why you need to buy a server

You don’t necessarily need to own a big business to have a server. Nowadays there are different kinds of servers for different kind of business.


What real differences are between the new Gen9 of the HP ProLiant servers and previous generations?

The Generation9 lead you to power the next wave of transformation, which brings faster insight,

new paths to revenue, smarter economics and increased productivity.


Important information for Oracle T4 and T5 server users

A recent change in Oracle’s manufacturing specification for the T4 and T5 range of servers means

they now ship with Quad Rank DIMM’s instead of Dual Rank.

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